English Language


The English subject is one of the major concerns at Heung To Middle School. We aim to help our students strengthen their language proficiency while developing other potentials through a variety of activities, like inter-class drama competition, festive school events, Spellathon and overseas exchange programme. With various exposures to authentic English environment, students’ language skills as well as their interest and confidence in English can be enhanced.

English Learning Experience

Classroom Experience:
  • To make English lessons fun, interactive classroom activities are introduced. Students are given opportunities to express their ideas and encouraged to do creative presentations.
Challenging Experience:
  • Inter-class competitions are launched such as online English quizzes, drama performance, radio programme production and voice-dubbing.
    1. Experiencing English in campus:
      • Two native English teachers help further enhance English environment. Besides giving oral lessons, they chat with students during spare time. Students can interact with NETs via playing games, sports and participating in English café as often as they can.
    2. ECA Experience:
      • English Ambassadors help organize activities for Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Students enjoy themselves in fun fair, singing contest and costume design competition.